About Us

Thank you so much for supporting my long time dream!! 

As many of you know I have always enjoyed styling, helping friends with different outfit needs, but most importantly finding a great piece of clothing at an even better price! Our goal at 40 Oak Boutique is to have you looking chic while still being comfortable. 

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, I spent 15 years in the fashion industry, first as a buyer and wholesaler along with extensive retail experience from a local boutique. My dream was always to one day open a store while raising a family. The later came first so I took a step back to focus on my 2 beautiful kids. With time I began to miss my first true love…Fashion! It’s easy to feel lost and lose yourself in your children but quarantine allowed me to focus not only on my family but myself. It opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my dream and creating an online boutique. I got to combine my two passions - family and fashion - all from my home! 

Credit must be given where credit is due. My husband, Rich, came up with the perfect name - 40 Oak Boutique. The name stems from “40” for starting my own business in my 40s (it’s never to late!) and “Oak” for being one of the strongest, most resilient and timeless woods out there. 


It’s exciting to start something new for ME! Thank you so much for all the continued love and support! I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you and see you all in your new clothing! 

~ Alyson